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Book Review : Corpokshetra - Deepak Kaul

Corporate World, with all its glitter does attract everyone to enter it and explore many things for themselves, right from attending client briefs to important discussions about achieving the revenue targets. The explorations are more of realizations of what you have heard all the while about the corporate world before entering it like the annual appraisals and the urgent deadlines that come up on a Friday Evenings out of nowhere. One can see that there is professionalism in the corporate world, but it comes at the cost of time which you are compensated for but, it's not always worth the time spent. You find yourself, most of the times, stuck between the nadirs and the zeniths that you have absolutely no clue about but that's not where it ends. Corporate world also offers you equal opportunities to scale through new heights and achieve your dreams.

I recently read Corpokshetra, a book by Deepak Kaul with the tagline "Mahabharata in the MBA yug". Yes, you read that correct, MBA yug! These days, we see almost everyone doing a MBA after their graduation in any field irrespective of their know how in that particular area. The interest in the field of MBA specialization is developed because one has to survive now that too in the corporate world. The book is about how Mahabharata would have happened in the present day corporate world, it is a humorous and satirical take on the corporate world, family politics and business while the story of the Mahabharata is the fuel on which the story of the book runs.
Book Review : Corpokshetra - Deepak Kaul
Book Review : Corpokshetra - Deepak Kaul
The story of the book Corpokshetra, is similar to the Indian epic Mahabharata, which is also the longest poem in the world, so nothing much there to say about it. If you have read or know about Mahabharata then you will easily relate to the story, you may know or predict the next scene, but you may not be able to predict the way in which that scene comes to life. However the story in a gist is that, the Pandavas, after being back from their exile, ask Kauravas for their stakes in the Hastinapur Inc. but Duryodhana is no mood to do so and this leads to the Kurukshetra in the board room, Corpokshetrawhile Krishna, the consultant, aims to achieve peace. Modern day Mahabharata? Yes.

The names of the characters in this story and the actual Mahabharata are the same and so are their characters, author has done a great work in relating every single character to the modern day corporate professional. There are many things in the story that you will be able to relate to the modern day corporate world, like the usage of WhatsApp and email for communication purposes, filing suits and involving lawyers, politics in the family business and the greed to achieve success and fame. Though there is nothing new in the story, the overall relation to the modern day is very refreshing and the funny take on the corporate world makes it more interesting.

The cover of the book Corpokshetra is very apt, narration is good and pacy, with just 120 pages of story, you can complete the book in just one sitting. The humor and the quirky one liners stand out distinctly in the story. I think, the usage of some Sanskrit words could have been avoided or replaced with some modern day words just the like characters and the story itself, but, I guess that would have been kept the same intentionally in an attempt of sticking to the essence and the lessons that Mahabharata has to offer.

In the last chapters, the author has written, since it is about the corporate world, let us call it bullet pointers, about the various learning from the story which according to me is also a highlight of the book. Overall the book is very simple, with no messing around the plot or touching sensitive areas like why the exile or Draupadi's marriage. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a take on the Indian Epic Mahabharata, or likes to read fiction, people working in the corporate world.

Other Details:
Published By: Westland Ltd. and Bloody Good Book
Copyright: Deepak Kaul
ISBN: 978-93-85724-93-0
Genre: Fiction
Cover Illustration: Sumesh G. Pillai
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon and Flipkart.
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  1. Sounds like a very unique book. Cant wait to read.

    1. Yes Shaivi, it is. If you already know the story of Mahabharata, you will like the modern day rendition of the same.


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