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Book Review : Aerogramme and Other Poems - Nivedita N

Everyday, a word that is so common as everyday itself. For some it is monotonous and mundane, for some it is hope and survival, for some it is just another day that they are not even interested in. Everyday, is an under-cherished phenomenon in our life and we don't even pay a heed at making it interesting, not even looking for the positives in it, but there are some who do and they admire it, appreciate it, make memories of the everyday life and preserve them for eternity. Sometimes, you find happiness in the smallest thing that would have happened in your everyday and we should always be on the lookout of happiness, because what else do we want in life? (All those who thought money, please work more :p). Cherish the everyday life and life will be cherished everyday.

I recently read Aerogramme and Other Poemsa collection of poems by poet Nivedita N. In this collection there are 18 different poems which are closely related to the everyday life, there are chances that you might have missed on realizing or observing these things because you were busy, caught up with work or something else but the poems will make you relive the unnoticed moments. Nivedita N has dedicated this book to all the poets and to be poets from around the world. I found the title of the book, Aerogramme, very apt for the book and the book cover is in line with the same, but the cover of the book could have been more creative and better.
Book Review : Aerogramme and Other Poems - Nivedita N
Book Review  Aerogramme and Other Poems - Nivedita N
Below mentioned are the titles of the eighteen poems written in the book

  1. The Sunshine Cafe
  2. We Never Knew
  3. The Tramp
  4. The Fall
  5. The Refugee
  6. Spider Web
  7. An Editor Writes
  8. Two Cane Chairs
  9. Pinafore
  10. Hyderabadi Postcard
  11. Aerogramme
  12. Milwaukee Bridge Cake
  13. Tried, Tested and Put to Rest
  14. Philately
  15. An Afternoon on July-20-2015
  16. Bonalu
  17. The Batsman
  18. My Grandfather’s Desk
Every single poem is different from the other, but is about the memories that one has and captures from the everyday life. The title poem, Aerogramme, is about the longing to meet someone, waiting to know about the arrivals and more importantly the whereabouts but failing to know the same, the only thing left is hope. It personifies the pain of separation. The first poem of the collection, The Sunshine Cafe, will make you relive the moment of an early morning breakfast at a cafe right from ordering from the menu to wondering if you would want to share something with the strangers. The last poem of the collection, My Grandfather's Desk, is adorable pleasant that will make you recollect the moments spent with your grandparents.

Another poem from the collection that I personally liked was, Spider Web, which narrates the relation between the web that the spider builds in our house and the virtual web that we are entangled in. Other poems of the book, Aerogramme and Other Poems, are equally beautiful and relatable.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading poems and wants to read something that is so much from the everyday life.

Other Details:
Published By: Parantheses Phroetry Press | Nivasini Publishers
Copyright: Nivedita N
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.

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