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Book Review : Surpanakha - Hariharan Iyer

Politics, mostly, does more harm to people than good and when I say politics, I mean every other thing done in the name of politics except for the betterment of society, state and the country at large. Whenever someone joins politics, it is assumed that he has hidden personal intentions behind the move instead of benefiting the people who choose them. Can individuals who join politics be trusted for their actions? For their beliefs? For their consistency? And can be bestowed upon with faith? If yes, what happens then?
Book Review : Surpanakha - Hariharan Iyer
Book Review  Surpanakha - Hariharan Iyer
Surpanakha, is a book by debut author Hairharan Iyer, is about the power of politics. The journey of a man, Sesha, from being a successful investment banker to the most controversial chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu from being accepted by the people for his achievements to supporting him during his trial in the court. Sesha, slowly and steadily continues to garner more support, praises and followers in his political career in addition to an existing loving family, but things change one day and he is being called casteist and slapped with multiple cases against him.

The story of Surpanakha is intense and gripping right from the page 1 and there are constant twists and turns in the story that keep you wanting to know the truth. There are moments when you think that the truth is here, but you will find another twist in the story making it more complex but interesting. The characters are very well written, however personally, I felt that there are too many characters in the story which add confusion, but then they are necessary to make the story what it is.

The way Surpanakha is written it appears very real leaving behind no element of fiction. The personification of the characters and their resemblance to the action, habits and activities only makes the story more acceptable. The story is a perfect mix of politics, social influence, power, fame, money, love, revenge and emotion. I won't write much about the story as it will only kill the suspense and magnitude of the story. 

I would recommend Surpanakha to anyone who loves fiction and political thriller.

Other Details:
Publisher: NotionPress
Copyrights: Hariharan Iyer
ISBN: 978-9352065356
You can  order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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  1. You have written a good review on the book 'Surpanakha' by Hariharan Iyer.
    This will be useful for many.

    1. Thank you! Do share your thoughts about the book here when you read the book.


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