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Book Review : DRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories - Meghdoot Karnik

I remember watching Mahabharata, the Sanskrit epic since the ancient Indian days, on the national television channel as a kid and how glued to the TV screen was the entire nation. If you are a 90's or before kid you can understand much about it without me saying anything. Mahabharata, the longest poem ever written, is an epic about the life and the war, the battle between the Dharma and the Rajdharma. Till date, there have been several attempts made to adapt the epic and convey a message keeping the original characters intact and only a handful few have succeeded in doing so.

DRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories is a book by debut author Meghdoot Karnik which revolves around the Indian epic Mahabharata. If you are wondering that it is just another modern rendition of Mahabharata then you are wrong, the book takes functional references from Mahabharata and relates it to the present day corporate life. The perspectives are different and are positive, making it relevant and important in today's corporate culture.
Dronacharya At The Work Place And Other Stories by Meghdoot Karnik
DRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories by Meghdoot Karnik
The author, Meghdoot Karnik, has made a great attempt at writing this book as it is not a regular self-help book about the work or business life, but it details out the situation with explanations and situations from the Mahabharata itself. As the author mentions in the book, "Take any situation in regular life, and you will find it in the Mahabharata.", the stories written by him prove the same. The book has 8 stories in all, which talk about different problems, difficulties, decision making dilemma in one's corporate life and when the characters of the stories cannot find a solution and are in a fix, the situation is related to a similar one from the Mahabharata and a probable solution is being explored.

The book, DRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories, isn't preachy at all rather the circumstantial references will leave you, in addition to the characters of the stories, with a thought that will provoke you to think about the right, the priorities, the duties, the lessons and how even a grave situation can have a simple solution in life. The tonality of the book is very simple and anyone can read the book. To make it even simpler for people who haven't read the great Mahabharata, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the introduction of all the important characters of MahabharataDRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories, will also make you examine your daily work life and what you are doing with it. My question, are you the Abhimanyu at your workplace? Read to know, understand, explore and discover the life lessons that Mahabharata has in store for almost everyone.

If you have already read the MahabharataDRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories will definitely be an interesting perspective and a read for you. I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the reading comparative mythology, remember this is not a regular self-help book, though it classifies as one, but a book that will help you discover the invisible thought power of the Indian epic, Mahabharata. One of the reasons that I read DRONACHARYA At The Workplace And Other Short Stories was the recommendation for the book by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, author of several books that revolve around Chanakya and I have read the book Chanakya in You by him which was fantastic. You may also like to read Interview with Radhakrishnan Pillai.

Other Details:
Publisher: The Write Place
Copyright: Meghdoot Karnik
ISBN: 978-93-83952-86-1
Genre: Business/Self-Help
Cover Design: Wordit CDE
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.
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  1. That sounds like an interesting read kaushal. I also feel that epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha have immense relevance in our everylife. I have read many versions based on these epics. And based on your review, looks like I will pick up this one too. Keep the good work coming.

    1. Thank you Deepali for reading the review. Do share your thoughts over here when you have read the book.

  2. Hello Kaushal,

    You are absolutely right! The kids of 90's or before 90's must be aware about the epic Mahabharata serial which was telecasted in dd national channel. I was a regular follower of it and what I liked the most is they always try to end the weekly episode in a thrilling situation. Thanks you for reminding my childhood days and it was a great read. I will read this book if i get a chance.

    Keep rocking!
    Vipin :)

    1. Hey Vipin, I am glad that you liked the review. Do share your thoughts over here when you have read the book. Thank you!


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