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Book Review : Let Stay or Let Walk Away - Debapriya Ghosh Biswas

There are two kinds of people, one you want to be surrounded by and the second being far away from you, may be as far as Mars. For some people you are always available while for some you are perennially busy, you always have preferences for people and these preferences define you as a person. Just as you have the preference for people around you, even they have the option of preference towards you and in between all these happens life.

Let Stay or Let Walk Away is a book of four short stories by debut author Debapriya Ghosh Biswas and these stories are all about the people who either come in your life or distance themselves away. All the four stories focus on one important thing which is the relationship between people across different age groups and background.
Book Review : Let Stay or Let Walk Away - Debapriya Ghosh Biswas
Let Stay or Let Walk Away - Debapriya Ghosh Biswas
The title of the four short stories as they appear in the book are 65 Southern Avenue, Face to Face, I...Me & You, The String.  The stories of Let Stay or Let Walk Away, talk about one of the most difficult decision that one needs to make in their life during happy or adverse times and that decision being to stay back and stick with people or move away to start from zero again. There are emotions at display, there is belonging being discussed, there is love and the fluctuations of bonding from nadir to zenith between people.

65 Southern Avenue, is a story of an elderly couple waiting for their only son to arrive from a foreign country to spend some time with them and when he arrives with his family, their happiness knows no bound and the happiness is celebrated with a grand party but then this happiness doesn't last longer. A causality happens to one of the grandchild of the elderly couple and the question of Let Stay or Let Walk Away comes into existence. Personally, this was my favorite of the four stories as it had an exceptional ending. This was a very gripping story that didn't reveal anything till the very last.

Similarly, the other stories are also very interesting except for Face to Face which is very predictive. Also, these stories have one underlying message that not only fate but also your actions decide if the people that you want will stay or walk away. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves short stories and fiction.

Other details:
Publisher: Partridge India
Copyright: Debapriya Ghosh Biswas
ISBN: 978-1-4828-4358-3 / 978-1-4828-4359-0 / 978-1-4828-4357-6
Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Short Stories
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