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Book Review : Super Women - Prachi Garg

Women, such a sensitive topic these days throughout the country is only being dragged into all the negatives and sometimes not so true impositions. Women are being categorically belittled and their skills are underrated without even allowing them to give it a shot. They are getting attention, but for all the wrong reasons or not so critical whereabouts. Though there are some women doing phenomenal work in their area of expertise away from all this mess, but the awful part is that only a handful people know about them.

Prachi Garg, who herself is an entrepreneur, has dedicated her debut book Super Women to such women who have created their own niche and they are definitely on par with the masculine gender if not greater than them. The book talks about their entrepreneurial journey, their determination, their struggles and their achievement. It is about their accomplishments of dreams or rather ideas with a purpose.
Book Review : Super Women - Prachi Garg
Book Review of "Super Women" authored by Prachi Garg
There are many women entrepreneurs these days who are excelling in their respective fields and are seeing exponential expansion, but this book Super Women by Prachi Garg is about twenty such Super Women! The entire list of twenty Super Women is as follows (the list is as it appears in the book and is not any kind of ranking)
  1. Medhavi Gandhi - Happy Hands
  2. Ria Sharma - Make Love Not Scars
  3. Richa Singh - Your D.O.S.T
  4. Masoom Minawala - Style Fiesta
  5. Rachana Nagranee - Pitaraa
  6. Richa Kar - Zivame
  7. Sneha Raisoni - Tappu Ki Dukaan
  8. Swati Maheshwari & Sunita Jaju - Rustic Art
  9. Alicia Souza - Alicia Souza
  10. Anisha Singh - MyDala
  11. Charnita Arora - Perfect Life Spot
  12. Falak Randerian - My Little Chatterbox
  13. Geetika Chadha - Imagenie
  14. Pankhuri Shrivastava - Grabhouse
  15. Rashi Narang - Heads Up For Tails
  16. Saumya Vardhan - ShubhPuja
  17. Sneh Sharma - Ittisa
  18. Dr. Surbhi Mahajan - Dermatocare
  19. Tina Garg - Pink Lemonade
  20. Vidula Kanitkar Kothare - Think Creative AdSolutions

I found certain similarities in all the above mentioned Super Women and I would like to list them down
  • They have all maintained the perfect life balance and have smartly juggled between their personal and entrepreneurial commitments
  • They all had identified a need in their day to day life from their observational skills and thus working on the solutions to meet the need
  • They have received tremendous support from their families (Parents, in-laws, husband, etc.) and friend
  • Not all but most of them practice Yoga or other form of exercise to stay fit mentally and physically
  • They all had the determination to excel and do something never done before
  • Start, Struggle, Succeed the three "S" that made them the Super Women
I could have written a snippet about the entrepreneurial journey of each of the above mentioned Super Women but then it would be depriving you all of the experience and going through their struggle and success. The author, Prachi Garg, has done a great work of compiling these stories and have summed up all of them in a very simple and straightforward manner. How I wish, there were more stories. Another thing that has happened to me after reading the book is that I now know the brains behind the brand names that I have heard a lot about, for example, I have friends who are frequent visitors of Tappu Ki Dukaan while I have seen some pics of great branding by Your D.O.S.T to reach out to their target audiences.

The book overall is very inspiring and motivating in nature, though it may not be a guide on how to make the most of an opportunity but it definitely is a reserve of encouragement. I would recommend this book to the future Super Women who have their ideas waiting to be explored.

Other Details:
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Copyrights: Prachi Garg
ISBN: 978-93-82665-63-2
Genre: Non-Fiction
Cover Design: Abhishek Nagar
You can order a copy of the book from Amazon
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  1. Liked the way you draw similarities. I'm adding it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing, Kaushal :)

  2. Liked the review, adding the book to my reading list.

    1. Thank you! I am happy to know that you liked the review...


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