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Interview with Paulami R Mukherje

I interviewed Paulami R Mukherje author of the Self-Help / Meditation book Manifest The Life You Love and she has given some interesting answers to the questions asked. I have read the book and to read the review of the book you can visit Book Review : Manifest The Life You Love - Paulami R Mukherje

-- Interview with Paulami R Mukherje --

Q: How does it feel after your book “Manifest The Life You Love” being published?
A: “Manifest The Life You Love” is interwoven around my passion. Passion of helping everybody through healing their life, including their love life, their financial sides, relationships, career and everything else. It is my baby which has been channeled through my Masters.

Q: “Manifest The Life You Love” is about meditation and self-help, how different is it to write in this genre?
A: Well, this is my first book in print and the other one, an e-book, “Healing Sutras” is also about self help and healing. I think, for this kind of genre you need to have some experiences which means, a person must experience the knowledge that one is sharing. The experience can be with oneself and also, with others. The experience with these kinds of higher knowledge in ones’ life is self-help and changes the course of life for better. The experiences that you have while working with others life with these techniques opens up a channel for enhancing this knowledge by broadening the usage and other aspects of these techniques. The knowledge can’t be made up or realized if we have not experienced them. Definitely we can’t make them in our mind. So, working and experience is the foremost important aspect to write in this genre.

Q: Any specific feedback/opinion you received about your book and that made you go wow?
A: Yes there are many. A friends’ mum told me that it’s so easy to read and apply these to her daily life that she feels blessed to have this book. Then one was like, “Di, it’s a full course and while we spend so much for each one of them we can read and apply from Manifest The Life You Love.” And there are many more but will like to mention one of them which I got through mail, given below. Its like knowing my intentions in and out. 

Manifest The Life You Love” for me is more than a book, it has became a guide, a friend helping me at every step to achieve my goals, fulfill my dreams. I now know that I have many friends in the form of ANGELS who are eager to help me in manifesting my dreams/goals. Earlier I believed that only a lot of hard work and a pinch of good luck can get me all that I wanted.  Your book came to me as an eye-opener as now I know that there are ways to make my work easy. You have explained in a very easy language about ANGELS, how to connect to them, how to be friends with them and most importantly how to get help from them. Manifestation tools like visualization, affirmation and mantras are very easy to practice as the step by step guides are easy to understand and perform.  For me it has really been great as now I know that these manifestation tools help getting that pinch of good luck on my side.

Q: Can you tell us something about the research that you have put in to write your book?
A: Yes sure. I am myself an Arhatic Yogi of Pranic Healing clan. And have studied many healing modalities like Pranic, Reiki, Angel, Shamanism. My modality of work also lies in Tarot and Angel Card reading which a kind of manifestation procedure if one knows about it. Apart from that I have experiences in developing meditations that helps in specific areas of life (stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental issues) and have been channeling Angels and Universal knowledge since I was a child. And professionally have been working with many people since the last 4- 4.5 years now. What I want to put in here is that my book “Manifest The Life You Love” is all about my experiences with the techniques and knowledge in my life as well as of my clients. Also at the end of the book I have given the list of books I have been reading and drawing knowledge from.

Q: How do you make sure that your book is different from the books written in the same genre and subject?
A: My book has elaborate details on topics like subconscious mind and how to utilize it as a tool to success. It also talks about Law of attraction and how can we utilize this law in the best possible way. I have seen many people use it and not get results, so a little surprise is packed in Manifest The Life You LoveIt also teaches about Angels and preparing affirmations and visualizations with them. Colour therapy is also a part of it but in a totally different avatar as to how one can utilize it in visualization. The strength of “Manifest The Life You Love” is its ability to combine 2-3 self help courses together, because it teaches and the whole book gives many ideas to practice along with examples.

Q: Does one need to be inclined towards mediation / self-help to read your book?
A: There is no stringent requirement to read this book. Anyone who has an open mind and is conscious can read it and derive benefit. As I said earlier one of my friend’s mum who is not too much into these things have liked it and complimented me on the book being well written to understand easily.

Q: Other than writing, what else do you do professionally?
A: I work as a Tarot Card/Angel Card Reader, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Angel Channeler.  I am also a meditation expert and life coach.

Q: Do you meditate on regular basis? How does it help you?
A: Yes, I meditate regularly, be it with my clients, or I throw meditation sessions time to time or just by myself. Meditation helps us be calm and open to the world more. It helps control negativity of our thoughts and emotions which is one of the main reasons we jeopardize oneself. Meditation helps in providing a person with higher knowledge and opens up a channel within us through which we understand more of life, more of us. It helps in staying focused, relieving stress, anxiety, anger and other mental issues. With regular meditation a whole new you can come up :-)
Interview with Paulami R Mukherje - Author of Manifest The Life You Love
Interview with Paulami R Mukherje - Author of Manifest The Life You Love
Q: Can you share some incidents of manifestation with our readers?
A: Sure as there are many in my life as well as of many, whom I have provided professional support. Some are, passing an important exam, calling love in life, converting a bitter relationship into a good one, better jobs, even it has recently helped some people to fulfill their dreams of increasing their family successfully :-) It works in every sphere, even good health. How can I forget that? Some of my clients who were part of my healing circle used it to get faster relief.

Q: How long did it take you to write this book? What difficulties did you face?
A: It took me 8 months to complete the book. Because I was writing through the experiences I had and through the knowledge that has been shared with me, so there was no such difficulty. But yes, since I am a new author, I took time to reset my writing in a way where everybody could be benefitted.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike the most about meditation / self-help?
A: Meditation is something that anchors you to who you are. We are so much engrossed with the outside situations, people that we forget that everything that we need lays within us, which is our power within. Meditation slowly connects us to us. Meditation is all positive and good, till now there’s nothing I dislike in it, and am doing it since my teens. Self help, as the name suggests is about helping our life, our self with our purposes, dreams, goals. For it to work one has to be truly focused and have to master many things which one might not like. Like talking less of negativity and focusing more on the good things in life. One of the many things like an unending discipline imposed on our self by us. Maintaining oneself is the most important thing that gives awesome results and that is what is hard for many.

Q: Other than writing, what are your other interests?
A: I love channeling, that’s talking to the Angels and my Guru’s. Apart from that I love reading and painting.

Q: How is the process of manifestation different from placebo? Is manifestation a science?
A: What I understand about placebo is that it is something where the patients are kept in dark about the medication and processes that are being worked on them. Manifestation is pure science. Whatever tools and techniques we use in it are based on the mental energy that we have stored in our subconscious and conscious mind. We in today’s world understand a computer so well but what we don’t understand is the mind which the computer is a replica off. The mind can do many things that we seldom know. Also utilizing the energy of our body cells by chanting affirmations and visualizations which are positive, affects our whole life system by drawing in energy from our body. We all encounter the Laws of the universe in our daily life but have less time for our self to get to know them and utilize them for our purpose.Knowing the nuances of manifestation opens a pathway to our greater good and a better life.

Q: Tell us something about the process of getting your book published? Has the process become easier with so many publication houses coming up recently?
A: The publication process of this book has taught me many things. Many nuances and nitty-gritty of self publishing is now open to me and am considering helping others in self publication now. As an author I found that the self publishing companies are not that supportive which they ought to be. Writing a book is a very emotional process and after having gone through the phase an Author needs a lot of support from the team helping in the publication of the book, which I found lacking. There are many other areas which could have been done in a better and more aesthetic way. Now I believe that the self publication companies should involve authors to connect to the other ones providing the required mental support. And I feel that an authors’ publication division will be the best choice for any book being self published.

Q: What would that one reason be if you have to convince anyone to read your book?
A: Well, I will say, “Laws of universe does not work all alone. They work in tandem with other Laws and that is why many a times while using Law of Attraction have not given the desired results to many.  To bring in the manifestation power within, through which we can change our life this book is a must as it reveals many secrets about using Mind tools, Angels and Laws of the universe.”

Q: How can our readers connect with you?
A: They can connect with me through my blog (, through my website (, my e-mail

-- End of interview with Paulami R Mukherje --
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