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Book Review : Made In India - Adventures of a Lifetime by Biddu

These days, thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, "Make in India" is a very common phrase, but before this a phrase that ruled our minds was "Made in India". What comes to your mind when you hear Made in India? The song sung by Alisha Chinai! Yes, it has to be as it's hardly possible to even remember anything else with that phrase. As a 90's kid most of us were glued to the song whenever we heard it and that made Alisha Chinai a household name. But how did this album come to life? Who were the people behind it?

Biddu or Bidz as his friends call him composed the music of the song Made in India and the entire album with the same title while Ken Ghosh directed the video that we saw on television. Another fact about the album is that it sold almost three million copies, making it to the competitive list of non-film (Bollywood) music in that decade. Wondering why I am writing all these? It's because I have read the book Made in India - Adventures of a lifetime, autobiography of Biddu.

It's always good to read autobiographies as they narrate the real life of an individual. I personally prefer reading autobiographies as they are the account of one's success and failures sometimes which are a part of their success and no matter how popular that particular individual is. Frankly speaking, I had no idea who Biddu was until I read this book. When I saw the title I assumed that this is going to be a book which revolves around the Made in India album but to my surprise it's very unlike that. Biddu talks about the album only in the very end of the book for a couple of pages and that's when you see the back cover.
Book Review : Made In India - Adventures of a Lifetime by Biddu
Book Review : Made in India - Adventures of a Lifetime by Biddu
The book is nearly a detailed account of Biddu's life till the release of the album Made in India. Biddu starts with his very early days and his attraction towards London, the several attempts made to elope Bangalore and India and how they failed, the transition of The Trojans to The Lone Trojan, the life in the then Calcutta and Bombay, the friends and the love for music, the farewell shows, the betrayals (not in love), the plan to reach London. The journey to reach London and surviving wasn't easy, but we must appreciate the efforts and dedication that Biddu showed towards his passion. Biddu also writes about finding love, friends and their stupid plans to make quick money which could have changed their lives, but luck or whatever you want to call it saved him from being a part of a major drug involvement case. Biddu does write about his first encounter with Feroz Khan to work for the song Aap Jaisa Koi.

Biddu has never let disappointment come his way, for sure not in his book! As a reader, you find a constant humor in the writing which keeps you going. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading autobiographies as it is about the passion for music an individual has and is dedicated to achieve what he determined.

Other details:
Publisher (Second Edition): Read Out Loud Publishing L.L.P
Cover Design: Rashad Patel
ISBN: 978-81-931360-0-3
Genre: Non-Fiction / Autobiography
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  2. It was really a nice read! Though I know the fact that "A good reader learns more", I have not ever completed reading a single book in my life. Read more books and keep your awesome reviews coming :)

  3. Thank you Vipin!

    I totally agree with the fact that a good reader learns more and that is because of the literature you go through. I would definitely keep up with the reviews on my blog and would recommend you to start reading.


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