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Book Review: How Sachin Destroyed My Life - Vikram Sathaye

The reason for me to pick up this book wasn't Sachin Tendulkar, it was Vikram Sathaye. I have been an admirer of his mimicry talent and when you add a bit of humour to anything it becomes more acceptable. Vikram Sathaye is one of those talents who will make you accept him for his observation & wit. If you don't believe me then click here to watch some videos featuring him. I had read about his life before he took up Stand Up comedy as a career and was always curious to know more and what better than a book by Vikram Sathaye himself! I ordered the book as soon as it was available. Below is what I read, understood and enjoyed about the book.

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From the title of the book I assumed that it would mostly talk about Sachin Tendulkar but my assumption was wrong, the book talks about Sachin only in relation to his personal & professional life. The book beautifully covers different phases of Vikram Sathaye's life and how Sachin Tendulkar has been an instrumental part of it. Foreword of the book is written by the god himself and one of those lines is, "Vikram I may have destroyed your initial life but you recovered pretty well after the follow on".

The story starts with Vikram's childhood and his struggle with daily life like any other ordinary kid from the 80's who played cricket as well, you can realize how intense would the problems be that he faced. I being from the 90's could still connect with it, sharing an #OMGFact with you all- "When Sachin retired from International Cricket, my age was less than the number of years he played for India". Vikram also talks about his attempts at working with Microsoft Office and professional life which was not much happening but the same professional life gave him the launchpad for what he is know for today.

The book also talks about various lesser know facts about Indian Cricketers and people associated with them. I won't tell you about those things as they too funny to be told by me, only Vikram can do justice with them but a few pointers for you all
  • Why Sehwag whistles while he bats
  • What Dhoni listens to in the dressing room
  • How Sachin pushes himself mentally when tired
  • Why Mandira Bedi cried during the World Cup 2003
  • How reading books helped Dravid perform better
  • Why Ian Chappel pulled up Harsha Bhogle
  • Why Yuvi will never teach English to the Punjab Team
  • How simple Khichdi made by someone boosts individual performance
  • How sledging creates an impact and which Indian player was best at counter-sledging 
Other important aspect covered in the book is sports journalism and the challenges faced by these journalists especially on a foreign tour. One of the most significant sections in the book is "The DNA Of The Indian Fan".

What I most liked about the book is, it is constantly funny and you won't be bored. The book reveals many secrets, which we as a cricket fan could have never known.

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