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PK - Movie Review

The much awaited movie of the year, PK starring Aamir Khan & Anushka Sharma in lead roles, released on the weekend and it isn't a surprise that it is pulling crowd even when the movie wasn't promoted on Comedy Nights With Kapil. Good thing for the movie or bad for CNWK? You decide.

The movie starts with a spaceship landing in the deserts of Rajasthan and you are introduced to Aamir Khan and the movie ends with a spaceship landing again in the deserts of Rajasthan and you are introduced to Aamir Khan & Ranbir Kapoor and somewhere in between these two scenes you find Anushka Sharma, Boman Irani, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput and the other supporting actors that you always find in a Rajkumar Hirani movie.

PK Move Review
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PK is all about an alien who looks like a human and some humans who behave like aliens. The movie, for me, was divided in two halves. First being observational and the second being an attempt to preach something. First half is super hilarious and you just don't want it to end while the second half will remind you of the movie OMG - Oh My God but overall the movie lacks a bit on entertainment in the second half. The music of the movie from lyrics to composition and timing makes complete sense.

Another interesting thing about the movie is the way brand/product promotion/integration has been done for Duracell batteries,, Samsung electronics unlike other forced integrations that we have seen recently.

Last 30 minutes of the movie made me realize that I was watching a total Bollywood flick because

  • The alien falls in love with a human and makes attempt to stay back on earth while in the entire movie he just wants to go back to his planet
  • Nobody, including PK, lies on the planet from which he came but after realizing that Jaggu (Jagat Janani aka Anushka Sharma) loves Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) he decides to lie and move away
  • Happy Ending because everybody gets what they want
PK is worth a watch, you should watch it at least once. I would give the movie 3.5/5 stars.
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  1. Nice review Kaushal... It's a pity that they had to Bollywood-ise it in the end... Could have made something impactful like typical Aamir Khan movies...

    1. Thank You Vishal :)

      I totally agree with you. The first half was on the same lines but suddenly the mode of direction changes in the second half.

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