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Lootera – Movie Review

To be frank enough I am neither a fan of Sonakshi Sinha nor Ranveer Singh but what takes me to watch this movie is the name “Anurag Kashyap” who is known for Directing/Producing/Writing extra ordinary movies. I was wondering what would we have in store from Anurag Kashyap when it comes to a Love story. A Love story which is set in the post independence period of India where the Zamindari system is at stake to some Government reforms. “Lootera” the title itself sets the benchmark of expectations for me from the movie.

Lootera – Movie Review

Yes, “Lootera” is a Love story rather a pure one unlike the lust & fame based love stories depicted in movies these days. True Love being tested through time and the integrity of the two in love as well. The movie takes you through a series of question that would self assess your thoughts about Love. The lead roles i.e “Pakhi” played by “Sonakshi Sinha” & “Varun Shrivastav” by “Ranveer Singh” are well defined and are up to the mark.

Pakhi, the only daughter of the Zamindar of Manikpur village in West Bengal while Varun Shrivastav, an archaeologist. Hang On! He is an archaeologist only for the sake of theft of Historic Idols in age old temples and hence he is the Lootera. Varun Shrivastav comes into picture as a visiting archaeologist to excavate the grounds around the Zamindar's historical temple to find some old civilization. Well this being just the plot for the Loot, Loot of the historical Idol in the temple.

Though Ranveer Singh portrays the character of Lootera he is actually a Doctor who keeps injecting Sonakshi Sinha whenever she falls ill and gives medicines that work instantly while Sonakshi Sinha coughs throughout the movie because there were no Cough Syrup Advertisements :P

Ignore the above lines, they are just written for the sake of some entertainment in this boring review. Movie is too slow for a Mumbai viewer who lives a fast paced life but considering it being set in the post independence period, it is acceptable. Music adds more Love to the Love Story. To end it, Lootera is definitely a watch at least once for sure. Scoring a 3/10 from me.

Here is the Movie Trailer for you
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  1. Well written, Kaushal!

    So you finally found the time to start blogging again? :)

    1. Thanks Vishal :)

      Yes, I have made up my mind to write at least two posts a month.


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