Friday, September 2, 2011

Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka

"Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka" was only a tagline for me until I came across people of certain age group, whom I considered chhota (younger) to me. But this tagline now has a changed meaning. Well it didn't change over a cup of tea rather it took a long long long time for me to end up with this.

I am a complete believer, rather this is one of my own complex thoughts, of "Everyone cannot know everything but everyone know's something and if everyone shares something then an genuine attempt to know everything can be made". Ya, I wrote that but still many people find it difficult to accept that we can actually learn many things not only from Elder's or the one's who have particular experience but also from younger's and inexperienced.

"It was like a dream that I saw when I was awake", the question that arises is, can a dream be seen with open eyes. Well those who believe, they can definitely do. That's one thing that I learnt. It only takes your visualization and ability to progress and monitor yourself and dreams seen with eyes wide open can be made to happen.

Chhota Packet's have the courage, most of the times, to face and speak the truth without being diplomatic. They keep moving around with their cuteness and innocence witnessed and marked with sheer intelligence. They also teach us to be happy in most of crisis situation, even when we are on the loosing front. Being frank enough to keep their point, courage to show their feelings, more courage to accept the things not going their way. They dazzle us with their brilliance as well.

To Be Continued... Still Learning
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